We again find ourselves in one of those dreams that no one likes to have. They are usually very ugly and dark, and you’re likely to wake up with a fright. The first thing we will consider is whether the zombies know our dream to proceed to its interpretation.

If you dream that you are a zombie means that somehow are more isolated than usual or your loved ones or your most daily activities. You may find yourself in one of those “asocial” moments we’ve all had. Your subconscious is that apathy and isolation representing you in the form of zombie.
The fact of becoming zombie also has a darker meaning. It is a way of saying you think you’re dead inside. You’ve been very disappointed with yourself. You may have done something you regret or that you have not achieved any goal you thought you had secured.

If during sleep you attacked a group of zombies, is how ejemplificas the fact of feeling powerless over something approaching. It need not be something physical, can be a problem for which can not find solution. Try not to miss anything surrounding the situation in the dream, as even the smallest detail could completely change its meaning.

If you dream of a friend (or someone you know) become zombie, you do not want to have any more relationship with that person. For you have died, you do not want to know anything about him or her. Normally this dream is because before if there was a feeling (friendship, love, affection, affection).

Have You dreamed of zombies and want to know its meaning? Tell us what you’re able to remember (even if you think it does not matter) and we will help you decipher it.