The meaning of dreaming of a marriage or a marriage can change a lot depending on who you marry. It is very different to your own wedding dream to do with the other.

If you dream that you attend a wedding being single, something good is coming. They’ll be good times and these are very close. However, if you are already married and dream do you attend the wedding of another person, it is a bad omen.

If you attend a wedding, but who are you home (you can dream in the third person) if you’re single means a major change in your life, a turning point is approaching. But if you’re married, it means a break or loving separation could be temporary or permanent approaches.

Now, what does it mean dreaming about your own wedding?

For singles: It’s a bad sign. You want to marry young and you’re worried that not. You’ll be a while no luck in love.
If you’re about to marry: it’s only your subconscious causes you this sleep due to nerves remarriage. Nothing worrisome.
If you dream that you married or something prevents you backing down (for example is typical dream of a wedding and not love multiple wedding with other couples) means that by the time you’re not 100% ready to marry. Must mature more because the idea still have a fear of commitment.

Have you had any dreams related to a wedding or marriage and want to know its meaning? Leave a comment and we’ll find out;)