Walls are often associated with obstacles constraints when they appear in dreams. This is an element that blocks your way to a target. You’re trying to progress but something holds you back.

In case there are more than one wall, is the way your subconscious indicates a feeling of being trapped, of having no escape from a problem that is approaching.

If during sleep you hide behind a wall, symbolizing a state of shame for something you’ve done or you’re about to do. You’re not proud of it and would prefer that others do not know.

The fact of jumping walls means no trouble overcoming adversity and finally get the goal they’ve raised. The fact is interpreted destroy them to go the same way. The limitations do not prevent success.

If you dream of being in a house (usually yours in real life) but no walls means that you need privacy, intimacy. You feel too exposed to others and long to have more own space.

If you dream of building a wall for some reason you are excluding your vigil. Do not feel like socializing and feel different from others. It may be something that only lasts for a very short time. It is a common sleep after a breakup. Afraid to hurt again. Moreover, it may just mean that you are aware of your weaknesses. You know who you are and you’re not able to do.

If you dream that you are up against a wall in which there are traces of blood, it is a warning that complications are close to where you need to face. Unless you sleep during the break or jump the wall in question, you have no way to escape, they stand up to the situation.

Have you ever had a dream in which a wall or wall appears and want to know its meaning? Explain in detail what you remember and we’ll help!