Normally, dreams in which there appear volcanoes have a meaning related to any force. This can be positive or negative, divine or destructive. Everything will depend on how it all happens in the dream.

An erupting volcano is easily interpreted as a symbol for an upcoming violent emotional outburst

See a volcano in a dream, he indicates that you are unable to control your emotions, especially if the volcano is erupting. You are literally explode. The result can be harmful and damaging, especially for those around you, especially family and friends.

If the volcano is inactive, then it represents that the problem has passed and calm return to your life.

For a young woman, it may mean that your selfishness and greed lead her to unexpected adventures, taking into account the negative side thereof.

These dreams often manifest when the pressure of a living area specifically collides with another. An example of this could be that the problems of work and domestic life together and you will cause a feeling that you can get frustrating.

If you dream of a volcano which go very dark ash clouds, it means you’re suppressing something inside that could harm your relationships. You can refer to both the theme of love, how your friends or relationships. It also usually means you’re not happy with your job, do not feel fulfilled.

Often these dreams suggest that a force that builds up in the unconscious is about to ruin your way in waking life. You must be careful that you repress emotions as they could get to hurt you a lot.

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