Umbrellas are a very important element in the study of dreams. Its meaning will usually be directly related to how you show your emotions to others, your ability to open up.

The element Umbrella perceived how a shield between you and others. For the meaning of this dream we must consider:

  • What is the weather like? Is the umbrella necessary?
  • Is it open or closed?
  • Are You wet?
  • How is the umbrella? You may have something that catches your attention, how a bright color, or is broken.
    Once we know this we can begin interpretation.

If you dream it’s raining and you find yourself under an umbrella means that for some reason do not want to show others just how you are. Possibly due to fear of rejection or embarrassment.

If it does not rain and you’re with open umbrella means that you wear barrier with others do not is benefiting. Your subconscious will try to warn that should show you how you are, you have nothing to be afraid, to trust yours.

If you carry umbrella, it rains, but you can not open it means that you are not prepared to face adversity approaching. You should avoid that problem.

The meaning of this dream is not related only to your feelings when it’s raining and you carry umbrella though you’re getting wet (it may be broken, that is too small or has a hole).

Does an umbrella appear in your dream and want an interpretation? Look at all the elements that surround the action and that could give us important clues, and tell us in detail. We will help!