Generally, turtles dream is indicative of some attributes and qualities almost always in a positive sense. You can refer to some important aspects how wisdom, fidelity, loyalty, or even having a long life.

In some cases, especially if we focus on the turtle’s shell during sleep, may be indicative that we seek to protect certain aspects of our daily lives. It may also represent a way to hide from problems or attempting to elude them.

This aspect of sleep is even more likely if the dreamer is chased by a turtle. In that case, it is always indicative that run from problems or avoid rather than confront them.

Another possible meaning of this dream, especially depending on the environment in which everything happens, can be successful in business you expect not because of an event that has come as a surprise.

Moreover, turtles are symbols of fertility, immortality and protection.

If you see many turtles in your dream, is a clear reference to the fact that you are well protected by your family and friends.

In some cases where a turtle appears in a dream so fleeting, is simply an indication of good luck, a good omen.

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