Normally, dreaming of a tree is a good thing. Trees generally tend to refer to the idea of ​​protection.

In the vast majority of dreams in which appears a single copy (a tree in a garden, for example) or, even if they appear others, all dream revolves around one in particular, this happens because it is a metaphorical way of represent oneself. This means that the tree would be you in your sleep.

If it’s a large tree, neat, robust .. a good future awaits appears. You’re getting the goals that you are thinking short and long term and you’ll continue to do.

If you dream often with fruit trees, it is a sign that you’re doing things right (normally at work or loving way) and you can reap the rewards in no time. That is, that all the effort you have made will come back.

If you dream yourself trying to fell a tree, clearly you have within you a sense of guilt for something you end up not forget.

Another option is that dream of a storm or dropping anything and use the tree for refuge. It is a clear example of when the tree in question you are representing yourself, because it is a hint that you take refuge more than you should on yourself, without opening your feelings or sadness in the face of others.

As if the trees with which you dream or not correspond to the climate in which you find yourself, its meaning can change a lot. If you dream of leafless trees in full spring, for instance, it can mean a bad omen, possibly related to a topic of your health. But if you dream of the same type of flowering tree and correspond to the area and climate, it is a great sign of approaching good news.

Another very bad meanings that can have this dream is when the tree appears dead, withered, leafless .. which means hope you had a project will begin to wane and you will not see any progress in the same .

If you tell us in detail your dream leaving a comment, we’ll help you decipher it!