How you can imagine, the fact dreaming of a treasure it is usually a good thing for the dreamer. It is an element that is associated with some basics style:

  • Value
  • Esteem
  • Prize
  • Honor

If you only remember the treasure, without much detail, symbolizing a good time to trust. Your self-esteem is high.
Find a treasure means you’ve unearthed a hidden talent you had. You may not even you will have noticed that it is, but many people may have been surprised by your qualities.

Some of the more common related dreams this are:

  • Dreaming of burying a treasure: you are thinking of the future. It is a symbol of maturity and be focused mentally. Can be either train you how to save money or starting a long term project. Whatever it is, you want to ensure live well later.
  • Dreaming of a treasure chest: displays security and confidence. You know the value that you and that makes you sure of yourself. You looking inside the box is interpreted how the fact of trying to recover something you had in the past (can be physical or not, sometimes it is an attitude or feeling).
  • To dream of discovering a treasure: how you commented, is the fact realize a talent or skill that you have not had released.

Have you dreamed of treasures and do not know what you mean? Leave us a comment explaining everything you remember!