Jesus Christ

Encountering Jesus in a dream, especially if You are a devout person (believer) can be interpreted as a fulcrum. When an extra face a situation of force. It is very […]

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Eskimos or inuit

Usually dreams of Eskimos (or Inuit) are associated with your personality, a description of it, a mood, a capacity…

In this type of dream, quite often they igloos (the “homes” made […]

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Normally, the meaning of dreams with babies is closely related to a new beginning of some aspect of your life in particular. It is also commonly associated with issues such […]

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When you dream going to the doctor usually reflects a need of healing. It is not (usually) of physical ailments, but sometimes it might be the case. The most common […]

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Baptism, appearing in dreams is often interpreted as an act of inner purification, elimination of bad feeling. No need to be religious to dream of baptismo, indeed, is very common […]

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There’s no doubt about it is one of the most spiritual dreams in the world. When you dream of God is interpreted the way you feel how religion, your real worship […]


Be crying in his sleep, usually refers to a fact that has happened in real life. There is usually treated with tears of joy, but more of the opposite. The […]


The dreams in which they appear kisses, are frequent in people experiencing a lull in their lives. According giver or recipient kissing, its meaning can be completely different.

If you’ve never […]

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The meaning of this dream is usually closely linked with everything absurd, carelessness, apathy, and the child of the inside of a person (or ourselves).

So you dream clown face, your […]

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Boyfriend, Girlffriend, Husband or Wife

Just dreaming about your boyfriend or girlfriend usually refers to qualities or personality traits to which we attach great importance. This is something that you think helps you cope emotionally […]

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