Generally, dreaming about tattoos on your body refers to the desire you have to stand out, to your desire to be different from others. Especially is this so when in real […]

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Surely this is one of those dreams that leaves an odd feeling to the dreamer. Still, you should know that it is more common than many think. The first thing […]

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Dreaming of your own legs is something good, you can interpret how you’re back to having self confidence after a stroke or backwards. It’s time to re-take control of your […]

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When you are thinking about nails, the first thing that comes to mind is the fight, protection, and self-defense. Still, this is often not the primary meaning of this dream. […]

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The hands symbolize relationships, trust others and show your ability to communicate. Furthermore, depending on the position in which they appear in your dream may be protective, threats, pleading, sorry […]

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