This dream is much more common than we can imagine, though, many times, we are afraid to tell it as it has been always thought that is directly related to the approaching death of a family member. 99% of the cases dreams teeth fall out, is a clear reference to the fear of ridicule or a feeling of worthlessness.

Within this dream there are different variants:

All teeth fall
It is the most common cases. There is no sensation of pain. Refers to low self-esteem that we mentioned earlier and the possibility of ridicule in some important event for us. It also tends to be a fear of losing the current partner. It is possible, for example, student age have this dream when an oral presentation to a large group of people approaching.
Another meaning of this dream can be the same feeling that we can lose some material that has cost us well get even money.
Dreaming of any loose or fall fang
A situation that is not scary face, or so we think, we are not able to cope and how should such approaches. It may be that fear comes associated with a person who wants to do us harm (physical or psychological) rather than a situation.


The front teeth fall
In most cases someone dreams that lost anterior teeth or front, it is for fear of losing their current physical appearance. Appears frequently in people sleep, although presumed not have enough confidence in themselves. In other cases, the fear is losing the current social and economic status. You feel that you are in a privileged situation and afraid to lose.
The wheels fall off
Have a project halfway and your fear is not being able to finish it due to lack of evidence and interest. If you have this dream is your unconscious may be warning you that it intends to back out of some business subject or medium or long term.

So you know, if you dream that you drop teeth do not be afraid to lose a close family and that’s not (however much they say) and you have to do is somehow try to commit a little more and to leave your chances of having an unpleasant how this dream.