Generally, dreaming about tattoos on your body refers to the desire you have to stand out, to your desire to be different from others. Especially is this so when in real life does not wear tattoos or you’ve raised yourself none. Possibly you have the feeling of being special, of being one among the crowd and symbolize by this dream that you intend to change that.

To dream that your partner also has a tattoo that does not have in real life suggests that he or she is trying to express in the relationship. You want to get your attention somehow and communicate something that seems important. You may be ignoring or not ignoring or paying attention to something that is happening in your relationship.

To dream that you have made a dragon tattoo, plus mean your way to stand before others, he refers to want your work to be recognized if it is in professional life or your personal life effort. You need, even symbolically, be rewarded for what you do.

If your body tattooed blow appears in the dream, predicts that any difficulties will make you away from your home. It can be something literally forces you to temporarily leave your home, or a way of seeing that for some reason you have to leave something aside your home life (or your family). If you dream of tattoos on other people not you, you can predict that some strange reasons make you feel jealousy in your relationship.

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