As a rule, the dreams wheredolphins appear mean something related to the mind, with intelligence, with the intellect or emotions.

If you dream you are entered into a dolphin mounted as […]

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Octopus or Squid

Generally, when these animals appear in your dreams it is not a good sign. How long will all depend on the feeling that let you sleep to wake up as […]

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Baptism, appearing in dreams is often interpreted as an act of inner purification, elimination of bad feeling. No need to be religious to dream of baptismo, indeed, is very common […]

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You have recently left many questions about the meaning of dreams in which ice appears, we decided to make a more extensive explanation thereof.

Normally, the ice can be interpreted as […]

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At the time in which a beach appears in your dreams, you have to consider separately the two main elements that compose it. On one hand, the sand, refers to […]

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Dreaming of water, or have dreams in which the water occupies a leading role, is something very common, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Water is a universal symbol, so the […]

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