Stealing or robbing

You should not feel guilty if you had a dream in which you steal something. His interpretation, although it is directly related to the desire to win over as something […]

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The dreams in which leeches appear usually have a meaning related to the fact that a person is taking advantage of another.

Generally, the person that leeches  “bite” is the same dreamer. […]

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Hurricane or Typhoon

Typhoons, like the winds are subconscious a clear reference to a situation of unexpected change.

On the other hand, where the hurricane shows us his dreams destructive side, symbolizes how your […]

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Bombs or Explosions

Normally, when You see a bomb in your dreams, it means that you have some feeling repressed or eager to do something but somehow never do. The current situation seems […]


Be crying in his sleep, usually refers to a fact that has happened in real life. There is usually treated with tears of joy, but more of the opposite. The […]

Divorce or separate

Dreaming of a divorce is often misinterpreted because the first thing that comes to mind is the heartbreak. Generally a loving separation is the way your subconscious asks you to […]

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We normally associate monsters to danger, to something bad. One of the clearest reasons why someone may have dreams of monsters appear is something to fear in real life that […]


In dreams, the corpses are very traumatic for the dreamer, is not something that is wont forget in the morning. It is unpleasant and can cause you to wake up […]


Dream about an abandonment is very common and a usual interpretation usually points regardless of the person who has the dream.

Surely if you dream you wake you leave with a feeling of nervousness, […]

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In dreams, the fire may have very different meanings depending on both the dreamer, how what is in flames, and how many other details that may affect. Generally usually refer […]

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