Jesus Christ

Encountering Jesus in a dream, especially if You are a devout person (believer) can be interpreted as a fulcrum. When an extra face a situation of force. It is very […]

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Undoubtedly, it is a beautiful dream that leaves us all a sense of peace and tranquility once we are awake. Rainbows are related to hope for something (usually good) finished […]

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Eskimos or inuit

Usually dreams of Eskimos (or Inuit) are associated with your personality, a description of it, a mood, a capacity…

In this type of dream, quite often they igloos (the “homes” made […]

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Octopus or Squid

Generally, when these animals appear in your dreams it is not a good sign. How long will all depend on the feeling that let you sleep to wake up as […]

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In dreams, the books do not usually have a leading role, rather they are a sideshow to help you make sense of the rest of the story. They refer to […]

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The fox is an animal which, when appears in dreams is often associated with a number of concepts that become more than recurrent in the moment of the interpretation. Among the […]

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The significance or meaning of finding a doll in your dreams, is often associated with children or any desire repressed attitudes. The recursive version thereof is one in which a […]

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If the meaning of dreaming of keys was associated with opportunities, freedom and the ability to choose, the padlocks dream is the opposite. Before starting the interpretation it is important to […]

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As in the dreams of appearing windows, doors are representative of new opportunities. For example, if you dream that you cross a door, its meaning is a good opportunity opens […]

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Undoubtedly, this is one of those dreams where the perception left on the dreamer  is very important for proper interpretation. You must take into account when trying to decipher its […]

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