Stealing or robbing

You should not feel guilty if you had a dream in which you steal something. His interpretation, although it is directly related to the desire to win over as something […]

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Normally, dreams in which there appear volcanoes have a meaning related to any force. This can be positive or negative, divine or destructive. Everything will depend on how it all […]

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In dreams, the books do not usually have a leading role, rather they are a sideshow to help you make sense of the rest of the story. They refer to […]

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Although it seems a very good dream, that will always bring wealth and prosperity, it is not always so. Even gold dream may have a negative interpretation. Sometimes it means […]

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Gifts or Presents

Dreaming of giving or receiving gifts, as a rule, is something nice, pleasant to the dreamer. Although, as always, there may be exceptions (these tasteless, unwanted details ..).

If you dream of […]

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Normally, the meaning of dreams with babies is closely related to a new beginning of some aspect of your life in particular. It is also commonly associated with issues such […]

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When you dream going to the doctor usually reflects a need of healing. It is not (usually) of physical ailments, but sometimes it might be the case. The most common […]

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That appear in your dream furniture is often the way used by your subconscious to talk about your family. Especially if the furniture is yours or are inside your home.

One of […]

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Hurricane or Typhoon

Typhoons, like the winds are subconscious a clear reference to a situation of unexpected change.

On the other hand, where the hurricane shows us his dreams destructive side, symbolizes how your […]

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This is one of those dreams that leave no one indifferent. Is it good? Bad? ¿Premonitory? Because as almost always in dream interpretation, everything depends on the details.

If you dream only a […]

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