Stealing or robbing

You should not feel guilty if you had a dream in which you steal something. His interpretation, although it is directly related to the desire to win over as something […]

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Undoubtedly, it is a beautiful dream that leaves us all a sense of peace and tranquility once we are awake. Rainbows are related to hope for something (usually good) finished […]

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The fact of giving or receiving a ring in your dreams is related to the commitment to fidelity. It’s not always directly related to love, although in most cases it is. […]

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The rice grains, appearing in dreams are often associated with prosperity, success in life (especially in business), true friendship and even fertility.

If you dream you are eating rice, either alone […]

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The dreams in which they appear rhinos, especially if they have some interaction with you, represent the arrival of a problem or complication and your ability to overcome it. In […]

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Crows or Ravens

The crow is an animal, dreams, much identified with death. This does not mean you have to die one usually refers to the death of a period of your life. […]

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Just as You can imagine dreaming of rodents like rats or mice can be agonizing. This dream has almost always meant quite negative. One of the only dreams in which rats can mean […]

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