As a rule, the dreams wheredolphins appear mean something related to the mind, with intelligence, with the intellect or emotions.

If you dream you are entered into a dolphin mounted as […]

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Undoubtedly, it is a beautiful dream that leaves us all a sense of peace and tranquility once we are awake. Rainbows are related to hope for something (usually good) finished […]

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Big wheel or Ferris wheel

As with dreams in which they appear amusement parks, ferris wheels symbolize a longing to enjoy, to have fun, to forget for a while the responsibilities of your day.

On the other […]

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Although it seems a very good dream, that will always bring wealth and prosperity, it is not always so. Even gold dream may have a negative interpretation. Sometimes it means […]

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Gifts or Presents

Dreaming of giving or receiving gifts, as a rule, is something nice, pleasant to the dreamer. Although, as always, there may be exceptions (these tasteless, unwanted details ..).

If you dream of […]

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Normally, the meaning of dreams with babies is closely related to a new beginning of some aspect of your life in particular. It is also commonly associated with issues such […]

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Dreams where birds appear are very common, and generally tend to have a positive meaning.

Everything will depend on the type of bird or bird in question (not the same as a […]

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Baptism, appearing in dreams is often interpreted as an act of inner purification, elimination of bad feeling. No need to be religious to dream of baptismo, indeed, is very common […]

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Normally, the dreams where deer appear (unless something bad happens to them during it) have very positive connotations. This animal is related to some intrinsic characteristics in people such as tenderness, […]

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The fact of giving or receiving a ring in your dreams is related to the commitment to fidelity. It’s not always directly related to love, although in most cases it is. […]

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