Broadly speaking, the fact of dreaming of a pregnancy usually means that you are becoming a more mature person in some aspect of your life. This does not have to […]

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Nude people or being naked

Dreaming of yourself naked (usually in front of a lot of people) is one of the most recurrent in the world. Instead, its meaning is very different depending on exactly what happens […]

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Teeth falling out

This dream is much more common than we can imagine, though, many times, we are afraid to tell it as it has been always thought that is directly related to […]

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The dreams in which the piranhas have a leading role often identify a problem that is literally eating you up inside. For some reason did not want to share with […]

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At the time in which a beach appears in your dreams, you have to consider separately the two main elements that compose it. On one hand, the sand, refers to […]

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This is a very mystical animal, which appears frequently in our dreams. But .. what does it mean?

They relate to issues associated with knowledge, wisdom, experience or magic. Still, it […]

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Infidelity or Adultery

This is one of the most recurrent dreams in the world. It’s pretty nasty, especially if you are the victim of infidelity. Yet its meaning is not always bad. Now […]

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In dreams, it is most often to see an accident in which we find ourselves involved or someone close to us (family or friend) is. When you wake up, you […]

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This is an increasingly common dream, though it affects all ages, it is increasingly a recurring theme among young people. Generally money represents confidence, self-esteem, success (in many areas), or […]

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Dreaming of water, or have dreams in which the water occupies a leading role, is something very common, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Water is a universal symbol, so the […]

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