Normally, dreaming of a tree is a good thing. Trees generally tend to refer to the idea of ​​protection.

In the vast majority of dreams in which appears a single copy (a […]

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There’s no doubt about it is one of the most spiritual dreams in the world. When you dream of God is interpreted the way you feel how religion, your real worship […]

Canyon, cliff or abyss

The ravines and chasms in dreams mean any limitations or obstacles that will cause a strong sense of anguish, anxiety. On the other hand, symbolizes a fear. It interprets how […]

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The dreams in which they appear kisses, are frequent in people experiencing a lull in their lives. According giver or recipient kissing, its meaning can be completely different.

If you’ve never […]

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Dreaming of your own legs is something good, you can interpret how you’re back to having self confidence after a stroke or backwards. It’s time to re-take control of your […]

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Generally, flowers dream bodes well. Usually refers to some joy and good time is coming. However, it is not always so. For example, if in the dream they give you […]

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As with many other dreams, flying, or dreamed yourself flying is no exception. It’s meaning will depend on your personal situation and how you do exactly as in the dream:

If you […]

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This is perhaps one of the dreams that may have more meanings depending on many factors. What is the dog in the dream, what kind of dog is, how we […]

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View diamonds in your dreams is not uncommon, but sometimes it is quite difficult to interpret given the wide variety of meanings attributed to them. To know exactly what you […]

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Boyfriend, Girlffriend, Husband or Wife

Just dreaming about your boyfriend or girlfriend usually refers to qualities or personality traits to which we attach great importance. This is something that you think helps you cope emotionally […]

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