Undoubtedly, this is one of those dreams where the perception left on the dreamer  is very important for proper interpretation. You must take into account when trying to decipher its […]

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Bees or Wasps

Although it may seem unpleasant, often dream of bees is a very good sleep qualities usually refers to some how creativity, inner peace or harmony. Sometimes even refers to wealth, […]

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Normally, the butterflies that appear in dreams, skills or facets reflect some character of the dreamer. Usually positive things and for some reason, they are more acute lately.

Some of the […]

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Although this is not a dream at all pleasant, this does not necessarily mean that is a bad omen or originates something negative in our lives. Generally, spiders refer to […]

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Lice, Fleas or Nits

A common dream, especially among young people, is to have lice in their hair. Its meaning is usually associated with feelings of guilt. At other times the dreamer may feel […]

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The meaning of dreaming of worms is usually not particularly good, quite the opposite. It is directly linked to how some feelings negativity shape how we see the world, weakness, […]

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