We normally associate monsters to danger, to something bad. One of the clearest reasons why someone may have dreams of monsters appear is something to fear in real life that […]


If you had a dream in which angels appear, is generally a good sign, something positive. Possibly something related to the protection, welfare and safety. They also symbolize purity or […]

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The dreams in which they appear vampires can have both positive and negative symbolism. For example, they may refer to the passion, sensuality, seduction or physical attraction. On the other […]

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Dinosaurs in dreams have a meaning that is usually accompanied by a reference to the past. Your subconscious uses these extinct creatures to speak of something that no longer exists, […]

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We again find ourselves in one of those dreams that no one likes to have. They are usually very ugly and dark, and you’re likely to wake up with a […]

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It certainly is a very unpleasant dream, especially for very devout people. On many occasions, the devil symbolizes some fear you have in real life and your subconscious has represented […]

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