Although it seems a very good dream, that will always bring wealth and prosperity, it is not always so. Even gold dream may have a negative interpretation. Sometimes it means […]

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Gifts or Presents

Dreaming of giving or receiving gifts, as a rule, is something nice, pleasant to the dreamer. Although, as always, there may be exceptions (these tasteless, unwanted details ..).

If you dream of […]

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There’s no doubt about it is one of the most spiritual dreams in the world. When you dream of God is interpreted the way you feel how religion, your real worship […]

Boyfriend, Girlffriend, Husband or Wife

Just dreaming about your boyfriend or girlfriend usually refers to qualities or personality traits to which we attach great importance. This is something that you think helps you cope emotionally […]

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Guns or weapons

How can imagine, dream guns it is closely linked with feelings of channel how they can be violent anger, danger or aggression.

If you shoot someone in your dream, it’s the […]

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Dreams of gardens, especially if you are working on them, often mean something related to the effort, to work.

If there are many fruits or vegetables in the garden of your dream, […]

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