Big wheel or Ferris wheel

As with dreams in which they appear amusement parks, ferris wheels symbolize a longing to enjoy, to have fun, to forget for a while the responsibilities of your day.

On the other […]

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The fox is an animal which, when appears in dreams is often associated with a number of concepts that become more than recurrent in the moment of the interpretation. Among the […]

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That appear in your dream furniture is often the way used by your subconscious to talk about your family. Especially if the furniture is yours or are inside your home.

One of […]

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Generally, flowers dream bodes well. Usually refers to some joy and good time is coming. However, it is not always so. For example, if in the dream they give you […]

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In dreams, the fire may have very different meanings depending on both the dreamer, how what is in flames, and how many other details that may affect. Generally usually refer […]

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As with many other dreams, flying, or dreamed yourself flying is no exception. It’s meaning will depend on your personal situation and how you do exactly as in the dream:

If you […]

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Physical fights and disputes are often interpreted how internal instability. There is some element in your life that just does not work how you’d like and is causing something of […]

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Undoubtedly, this is one of the most recurrent dream in the world. Quite often the dreamer gets scared, almost always getting up from sleeping during the dream. In such cases, is […]

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Lice, Fleas or Nits

A common dream, especially among young people, is to have lice in their hair. Its meaning is usually associated with feelings of guilt. At other times the dreamer may feel […]

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Feces, Excrements or Stool

Although it may seem like a strange dream, the truth is that dreams in which in one way or another are related to excrement or they appear, they are most […]

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