Eskimos or inuit

Usually dreams of Eskimos (or Inuit) are associated with your personality, a description of it, a mood, a capacity…

In this type of dream, quite often they igloos (the “homes” made […]

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Bombs or Explosions

Normally, when You see a bomb in your dreams, it means that you have some feeling repressed or eager to do something but somehow never do. The current situation seems […]


Surely this is one of those dreams that leaves an odd feeling to the dreamer. Still, you should know that it is more common than many think. The first thing […]

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Although it is not one of the most common dreams, it is not uncommon to have a dream in which an eclipse appears. The first thing to take into account […]

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Feces, Excrements or Stool

Although it may seem like a strange dream, the truth is that dreams in which in one way or another are related to excrement or they appear, they are most […]

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Ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend

Once again we have one of those dreams that everyone has ever had. Dreaming of your ex-partner will depend, in most cases, on what is your current relationship with that […]

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