As a rule, the dreams wheredolphins appear mean something related to the mind, with intelligence, with the intellect or emotions.

If you dream you are entered into a dolphin mounted as […]

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The significance or meaning of finding a doll in your dreams, is often associated with children or any desire repressed attitudes. The recursive version thereof is one in which a […]

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As in the dreams of appearing windows, doors are representative of new opportunities. For example, if you dream that you cross a door, its meaning is a good opportunity opens […]

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When you dream going to the doctor usually reflects a need of healing. It is not (usually) of physical ailments, but sometimes it might be the case. The most common […]

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Normally, the dreams where deer appear (unless something bad happens to them during it) have very positive connotations. This animal is related to some intrinsic characteristics in people such as tenderness, […]

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Divorce or separate

Dreaming of a divorce is often misinterpreted because the first thing that comes to mind is the heartbreak. Generally a loving separation is the way your subconscious asks you to […]

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This is perhaps one of the dreams that may have more meanings depending on many factors. What is the dog in the dream, what kind of dog is, how we […]

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Dinosaurs in dreams have a meaning that is usually accompanied by a reference to the past. Your subconscious uses these extinct creatures to speak of something that no longer exists, […]

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View diamonds in your dreams is not uncommon, but sometimes it is quite difficult to interpret given the wide variety of meanings attributed to them. To know exactly what you […]

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Generally, if you show yourself in the dream, lost in the middle of a desert, it is a sign of bad omen. Most often resort to this dream if loneliness. […]

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