Credit Cards

Surely the first thing you thought about this dream is that it’s meaning had something related with money, with payments. Quite possibly you’re right, but that’s not always the case. For […]

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Very often the dreams that appear crabs are related to some very specific personality traits of the dreamer. Usually refer to tozudería, insistence, the ease of getting angry or sulk, […]

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Canyon, cliff or abyss

The ravines and chasms in dreams mean any limitations or obstacles that will cause a strong sense of anguish, anxiety. On the other hand, symbolizes a fear. It interprets how […]

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Be crying in his sleep, usually refers to a fact that has happened in real life. There is usually treated with tears of joy, but more of the opposite. The […]


In dreams, the corpses are very traumatic for the dreamer, is not something that is wont forget in the morning. It is unpleasant and can cause you to wake up […]


The meaning of this dream is usually closely linked with everything absurd, carelessness, apathy, and the child of the inside of a person (or ourselves).

So you dream clown face, your […]

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Crows or Ravens

The crow is an animal, dreams, much identified with death. This does not mean you have to die one usually refers to the death of a period of your life. […]

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Normally, if clouds appear in your dream, it will be related to your innermost self, the part closest to your soul, your emotions. Strongly suggest different moods depending on how […]

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Clocks or watches

Dreaming of a watch is a dream that does not leave anyone indifferent. You will create many questions solventarte try. In general, the watches that appear in dreams often highlight […]

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To dream of cats is possibly one of the dreams with more variants in the world. It can mean anything from an independent spirit, feminine sexuality, creativity and power to […]

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