Nude people or being naked

Dreaming of yourself naked (usually in front of a lot of people) is one of the most recurrent in the world. Instead, its meaning is very different depending on exactly what happens […]

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Blood is an element of different meanings in a dream. Everything will depend on the source of it and how we interact with it. It can represent from pain to […]

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Normally, the butterflies that appear in dreams, skills or facets reflect some character of the dreamer. Usually positive things and for some reason, they are more acute lately.

Some of the […]

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At the time in which a beach appears in your dreams, you have to consider separately the two main elements that compose it. On one hand, the sand, refers to […]

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Bathroom or Toilet

It is most often dream of yourself in the bathroom. It is a dream to be special concerns, although it is true that can be interpreted in many ways depending […]

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