Big wheel or Ferris wheel

As with dreams in which they appear amusement parks, ferris wheels symbolize a longing to enjoy, to have fun, to forget for a while the responsibilities of your day.

On the other […]

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In dreams, the books do not usually have a leading role, rather they are a sideshow to help you make sense of the rest of the story. They refer to […]

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Normally, the meaning of dreams with babies is closely related to a new beginning of some aspect of your life in particular. It is also commonly associated with issues such […]

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Dreams where birds appear are very common, and generally tend to have a positive meaning.

Everything will depend on the type of bird or bird in question (not the same as a […]

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Baptism, appearing in dreams is often interpreted as an act of inner purification, elimination of bad feeling. No need to be religious to dream of baptismo, indeed, is very common […]

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Bombs or Explosions

Normally, when You see a bomb in your dreams, it means that you have some feeling repressed or eager to do something but somehow never do. The current situation seems […]


The meaning of this dream, usually is linked very closely with some goal or objective that you have in your head. Not always refers to the workplace, sometimes referred to […]

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Seeing a bear in your dream is directly associated with the strength, with the cycle of life, resurrection and, in some cases, even death. Before anyone panic, I must say […]

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Bees or Wasps

Although it may seem unpleasant, often dream of bees is a very good sleep qualities usually refers to some how creativity, inner peace or harmony. Sometimes even refers to wealth, […]

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Boyfriend, Girlffriend, Husband or Wife

Just dreaming about your boyfriend or girlfriend usually refers to qualities or personality traits to which we attach great importance. This is something that you think helps you cope emotionally […]

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