Normally, dreams where the sun plays a leading role, is a good thing. This is usually a good omen or a good sign in terms of our thoughts is concerned. Still, how can imagine and it is not always positive, all dreams have different interpretations depending on all the elements that compose them.

To give some examples, the sun king with tranquility, peace of mind, good deeds and even divine power is associated.

If the sun has something strange in appearance, you can apparently even unpleasant, it is a bad sign. It means there is a problem or complication in your life, something negative out of the ordinary. The sun is considered a source of life and in this case an item is interfering with its operation.

Dreaming of a sunset means ending a cycle in some important aspect of your life to make way for a new one.

If sunlight or one of its rays will indicate a specific point or object, means that this is the direction you should take either a hint of what would be right and good for your interests.

If you dream of a sunrise means that your work will soon begin to give off. That effort you have done will bring results quickly.

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