You should not feel guilty if you had a dream in which you steal something. His interpretation, although it is directly related to the desire to win over as something that is not yours, is not exactly intend to steal.

It is important that you try to agree on some details that will make your meaning is clear to you:

What have you stolen: it is arguably the most important point. What object you try to steal or get yourself to him during sleep. Try to relate this object with some of your real life. Usually not about material things, but rather of aptitudes, characteristics, values, qualities ..

Who do you rob: surely it is someone you know (even seeing it on TV or in the press). If you do not know who he is, relate it to a person of your environment. To do this, use the most common characteristics between them. It will be easy.

Have You find it easy to steal? You may get it without effort or is, by contrast, there is no way that you do with it without you to be discovered.

Imagine for example that you steal money from a famous singer. This does not mean you fall ill or not you want to stay with what you have. It means that you like to have the same wealth that person, their economic freedom.

The difficulty that you get (if you do) that you were trying to catch, reflect your ability to achieve your real life.

Instead, we now will have a similar albeit with some particular detail dream:

To dream that you are robbed

Generally that person who steals or rob is someone you know that would resemble you in some way, that envy something you and he or she does. As happened with the above meaning, look at whom and what it takes away.

Most common dreams related with stealing or robbing:

  • Rob or steal the wallet.
  • A lot of money
  • Jewelry
  • Clothes
  • Office equipment or work.

Have You had a dream in which you are a steal or stolen? Leave a comment and tell us everything you remember.