This is one of those dreams that may seem very rare although they are most common. The meaning of it will depend on many factors like what we do on the stairs (up, down, look …), how the ladder is …

It is a dream that can be very good or very bad depending on what happens during it. Furthermore, in many cases, it is prescient.

For instance, if you dream that you find some stairs going up a flight of stairs, is a sign that you are making progress on an emotional level is concerned. You may have gone through a rough patch and gradually you are recovering.

However, the fact being lowered, is a reference to repressed thoughts (negative). It is also an indication that you’re starting to desestabilizarte sentimentally or emotionally. You can end up hurting yours unwittingly if you continue with this decline.

Gliding down the stairs by the railing is a deepening anxiety about some aspect of your subconscious. You need to find out or do something but it’s not the right thing.

The fact stumble on the stairs is a sign of lack of confidence you have in yourself. You should be strengthened.

Spiral staircases or spiral, in dreams mean something akin to a new beginning or change. Depending on the details that surround you will know if it is good or bad.

If you visualize a huge staircase, you get scared and did not dare to climb them, is usually proportional to the fear that gives you face a situation that is coming and you know it is inevitable to achieve your goals. You’ll have more than courage.

If you’re using is running too many cravings because you have to get something. You want it now. Keep in mind that the faster you go, the easier you fall.

Have you dreamed of stairs and do not know what you mean? Tell us everything you can remember in detail and help you decipher it ūüôā