Dreaming of snakes is one of the most recurrent dreams that exist, ie, it is not uncommon for you to pass. There are many factors that make the dream of snakes fact change meaning 100%. It may depend on what you are doing the snake, what do you, the color of the reptile, etc …

Generally, when someone dreams of snakes, are credited with a character or negative fact. It can be an enemy approaching death, or even the devil. It is also very common to associate with betrayal, failure, or even sexual desire.
Then explain the different interpretations dreaming about snakes depending on the factors mentioned earlier that can spin 180 degrees the meaning:

What is doing the serpent in the dream:

  • Attacking you: Clearly that situation or issue that worries you so much, just going to get worse, at least for now.
  • It is changing its skin: you will suffer a very positive change in your life, possibly in love themes.
  • The snake is around you: it is a sign of a strong sexual desire to have someone and possibly materialize soon. But if you surround yourself with in order to strangle you, you can refer to a future disease.
  • Bites another snake: another example of betrayal among friends, although in this case, you can be the one to betray his friends.
  • It is flying: a great journey awaits you, enjoy it;)

What you are you (or are you) doing:

  • Kill the serpent means victory over enemies. If during sleep are killing (not yet dead) will be interpreted how you are doing everything in your power to fix a problem that worries you. Finally, if you kill, you can find the solution to the problem.
  • The turn away kicking: someone close to you is going to hurt. It may refer, for example, a betrayal of a friend who is about to arrive.
  • A woman hypnotizes: she will see their rights violated soon, though, to get hypnotize, means you get to fix it.

The color of the snake:

  • If it is white: dreaming of a white, small snake, which is in your clothes, it may mean an impending arrival of a lot of money.
  • If it’s green: you must consider what you are doing in order to attribute a correct interpretation.
  • If it’s black symbolizes a cruel character, authoritative, an enemy.

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