The fact of giving or receiving a ring in your dreams is related to the commitment to fidelity. It’s not always directly related to love, although in most cases it is. If someone places the ring on her finger this commitment will be closely linked with relationships or with a work project. You have to consider your relationship with that person in real life to find out what the dream means.

If you dream of a broken ring it is because you have doubts about fidelity, honor and commitment.

If during sleep is lost or someone steals the ring is interpreted as a lack of security. On the other hand it can symbolize a loss of interest in something that, until recently, was very important for you.

A broken ring can also mean that a strong disappointment about someone dear. It is possible that this is a separation.

It is very common among young girls dream that her boyfriend gives them an engagement ring. Can be both a desire that their relationship a step forward as a suspicion that soon will ask marriage.

The rings, as well as other jewelry, also mean power, superiority over others.

If it is you who gives the ring to another person it is a sign of your intention to help him in real life. You know you can do something for him or her and want to let them know.

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