The rice grains, appearing in dreams are often associated with prosperity, success in life (especially in business), true friendship and even fertility.

If you dream you are eating rice, either alone or with family or friends, it means that you are in a moment of serenity, one of those moments would not trade for anything. You are calm and in good standing, at least emotionally.

One of the most common dreams related to this legume is one in which you are cooking rice. This is interpreted as you’re preparing for an opportunity. A chance to improve approaches, and the seize up to you or not. If rice cooked leaves you well is a good sign, just the opposite of whether you burn or you is hard. The fact that pass means you’ve been too passive when it comes to acting to achieve your goals, and for that reason, have let slip.

If you have grains of rice in his hands (dry, uncooked) in your dream it is a sign of success that will bring economic benefits. Some of your projects will soon start to boot. Good satisfaction approaches.

In this type of dream it is important to consider several factors, among which are:

  • Who acts on rice?
  • Which is it’s state? Raw, cooked, rotten, worm, have poor color, is bright..
  • What happens with it? You eat it, you drop it, it’s in a bag, tit is reaping..

Once you know all this, its interpretation will be easier. Remember that in dreams the details are very important because they can become cues that could potentially completely change the meaning of the dream.

Have you dreamed with rice and you don’t know what it means? Tell us what you remember and help you!