Before getting interpret your dreams in order to discover its meaning, you must learn to remember once you’ve woken up. The process of remembering what you dreamed is not possible, but by following a few simple tips and a little training, is available to anyone.

The vast majority of people, forget what you have dreamed during the night however important it may be. This is because they already got up his head thinking about what we will do next.

At first you may only remember small fragments, possibly incorrectly, but you will see that over time will be able to remember even the smallest details.
Tips to remember dreams:

  • Before going to sleep, spend 5 minutes to completely relax both body and mind. A good way to do this is by controlling your breathing. You must propose feel each inspiration and expiration. In this way, you empty your head of other matters.
  • The clock is your enemy when getting hit by the loud alarm, you will get your mind starts working at high speed, which harm your memory of the dream.
  • Start practicing on weekends or days that you wake up by yourself, without an alarm clock. You will see how to tell the difference, and without realizing it, you will be building your own method to remember dreams.
  • A wake time, do not get up. Stay in bed, motionless, thinking about what you have dreamed of. It may work OK let some warning in which you remember to think about what you dreamed, as at that time you have a good chance to get moving before thinking.
  • Please have a sheet of paper and a pen to write down things to remember before it’s too late. Once written, read it several times and suggests new memories in the form of “flash” that you receive.
  • If you do not look capable of putting you to write at that time, a recording will be very useful.
  • Sleep 8 to 10 hours per night, in this way you warrant a time to dream something. Remember, if you do not sleep, do not dream;)