Just as You can imagine dreaming of rodents like rats or mice can be agonizing. This dream has almost always meant quite negative. One of the only dreams in which rats can mean a good omen, would see them walk around your house in different places, without interacting with you. This case would signal that a lucky streak and possible arrival of some unexpected riches approaches.

In other cases, problems are coming. These will be related to something pretty close to you: your home, your closest friends or even your family. These problems usually come because of gossip and comments (in his false most) of a third party. If you’re planning any kind of business, it is possible that this is seriously impaired.

How ever, the meaning depends on what actually happens in the dream. For example:

If you’re hunting rats through a trap, you lose some of your friends, though, if you can kill them, will end knowing the truth and recover. It could also mean a successful business on a topic that you gave up for lost.

If in the dream a lot of rodents appear in normal situation (ie, that do nothing more than walk or run around) is a sign that someone is talking behind your back. A greater quantity is also greater the number of people that you may be criticized.

If a rat bites you, be careful with your money because you have a good chance of losing a good amount.

Maybe in your dream did not appear rats or mice, but a trap for them. This means that whoever you think is your friend, can not really be and betray you at some point.

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