Undoubtedly, it is a beautiful dream that leaves us all a sense of peace and tranquility once we are awake. Rainbows are related to hope for something (usually good) finished happening, and how to calm or luck. Sometimes rainbow dream means that a successful job level, ie, that something will improve your work and possibly as a result you have an increase in income approaches. You’ll be lucky with money.

If during your sleep it is raining, raining and finished out the rainbow, it is the way your subconscious exemplifies the fact that a problem or concern you had finished.

Although not happen very often, there are people who dream of her dyed like a rainbow, all colors of hair. Represents you have a very carefree character and in some cases, to “easygoing”. Sometimes it can also mean that you are childish for your age, you’d have to mature.

Often it dreams of some objects with colors of the rainbow. In this case, your interpretation would be that you focus on something of a different, more positive way. To find out what it is exactly, colored objects will give the necessary clues.

The rainbow is also associated as a bridge between your physical and more real with your spiritual side part. A union of both.

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