Broadly speaking, the fact of dreaming of a pregnancy usually means that you are becoming a more mature person in some aspect of your life. This does not have to refer to your life strictly personal, may also hint at your work, or elsewhere.

In your actual situation and the accuracy of your dream, this fictional pregnancy can mean many things.

If you do not have age to get pregnant, or you’re a virgin, this dream means that some kind of scandal is coming into your life. Something, being unusual, others were not expecting you and can affect you negatively. No doubt it is a dream that carries a bad omen.

If you dream that you are pregnant but only in the dream you see the negatives (dizziness, upset ..) means that, for some reason, are afraid of sex.

To dream that someone else is pregnant, as long as the display is happy, it means riches that will last for a long time ahead.

In some cases, dream your girlfriend is pregnant, it means you have a new project or idea in mind that will produce benefits of some kind. It is a good dream.

If your dream ends with an abortion, some of the projects we have in mind to make, you will fail miserably.

If you are expecting twins (in the dream), approach not expecting good news. If you are not in the midst of any business, it is a good time to start.

If you dream of pregnancy from someone who is not your girlfriend, it means that your self esteem is not at its best, so you look at the fate of others before yours. It may come a time of bad luck.

If you’re a woman and you dream that your husband is the one who is pregnant, is a reflection of the desire you have of it was he who had that responsibility, possibly because you’re afraid of it.

Have you dreamed of a pregnancy and we have not explained your version? Tell us your dream in detail and help you decipher!