The dreams in which plants, shrubs, grass, turf and other shows, they are often very directly related to personal growth, your ability or potential to achieve something, your maturity, and even fertility.

If within your home or any enclosed room is a tree or plant too large (does not fit or should not be there) means that there is something that keeps you improving. It is a metaphorical form used by your subconscious showing how you can not “expand” because of the walls or ceilings. You fail to reach your full potential, something is frustrating you.

In many cases the plants also refer to your desire to grow, to take or do more. If they show up white beans, dead, rotten or black, it means you’re losing motivation, desire to take your own initiative and fight for your goals.

Too often fathers or mothers who are separated from their children dream of flowers or plants (usually care or watering plants). In this case they symbolize her children and her desire to protect them, to remain by her side for whatever you need.

If you have recently returned to the city after a trip through the countryside, mountains or forests, the dream may be only a memory, or miss symbolize how the nature around you.

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