The dreams in which the piranhas have a leading role often identify a problem that is literally eating you up inside. For some reason did not want to share with others and will have increasingly more concerned. You may think you are not going to be on your side or you will not understand, and although you need the help of yours, when you repress explain.

It is important for a good performance to know what happens with carnivorous fish. One of the most common variants is that you are in a small boat, getting wet feet and a group of piranha bites you. Just bite and hurt you symbolizes the damage is actually causing the problem. If they end devorándote mean that complications eventually overcome you.

The fact that someone appears to help means that you need to hear an opinion of someone close, you want to get advice and do not know how to cope.

You may get run over your dream and you do nothing. That problem you’re so worried will not affect you long. If that while piranhas attack you your maths is a very good omen that interprets how you’ve managed to overcome adversity.

In other cases, the fact that someone piranhas eat your environment can also mean that the person is hiding something that is very embarrassing for her and could damage your image. How in the other cases, also refers to something that person is kept to herself, a problem repressed.

It is common among people who have such dreams, they are in a stage of life where self-esteem is not at its best.

Have you ever had a dream in which they appear piranhas and want to know its meaning? Tell us everything you can remember without avoiding details and help you decipher!