The parakeets, also known as parakeets, are a type of colorful birds that, when appearing in your dreams, can provide a lot of information about it when interpreting it. In broad strokes, these animals are associated with:

  • Immaturity
  • Dependence on someone in particular
  • Spontaneity (or lack thereof)
  • News in your life
  • Changes in mentality
  • Ideas

It is important to keep in mind everything that surrounds the parakeet in your dream because it can give you clues as to what it refers in particular.

For example, the fact that you identify yourself with the bird could also change the meaning. You think you are the parakeet. If someone catches it with their hands and you feel as if you were caught means that person has a very important role in your life, possibly even more than you would like.

Dreaming of lots of flying parakeets is a clear reference to the contribution of color. There may be a lack of color in your life, something new, or you may feel that it is already appearing. If something important has not happened that changes your lifestyle giving it more joy, it is about to happen.

A caged parakeet, still, can symbolize the lack of creativity represented by your subconscious. You have something in mind but you feel frustrated, unable to finish developing it to your liking.

On the contrary, if it doesn’t stop still and go aimlessly, very agitated, it is a clear allusion to your need to mature. You’re acting in a way that doesn’t fit your age. You must grow mentally and you are aware of it.

A rather dark landscape, even gloomy in which a bright and colorful parakeet appears, symbolizes a change in your life, a joy that will make you wake up with more excitement.

Have you dreamt about parakeets and want to know what it means? Leave a comment with everything you remember and we will help you solve your doubts!