This is a very mystical animal, which appears frequently in our dreams. But .. what does it mean?

They relate to issues associated with knowledge, wisdom, experience or magic. Still, it is not always a good sleep. Sometimes dreaming or owls owls can be very bad omen.

The first thing you should know about this dream is that the owl is closely linked to psychological issues, so their meaning may be metaphorical, not real. For example, speaking of death may be the end of a way of thinking and not a real death.

If only you find an owl on a branch, apparently calm and do nothing is a way your subconscious tells you to leave something for the past. To know that it is, try to find out what is the bird watching.

If you are hooting (making that noise so characteristic) in a normally nocturnal landscape, signifies a strong disappointment about, you’re in for a disappointment.

A dead owl on the ground, is associated with death, but for which you were talking about earlier. Something in your daily life will change, probably an opinion about something or your way of seeing things. Depending on how you perceive death, sleep can have a positive or negative interpretation. If you do not see how a bad thing, it means you’re going to get rid of any thought or way of acting that you harmed much.

Have You dreamed of owls  and want to know how can it be interpreted? Tell us what you remember with great detail and will help you to decipher!