There are different ways that you may have a dream related to numbers. The first is the direct way, where You literally dream about that number. It is also possible that a number of objects made ​​references to numbers. For example always see 3 identical objects, or 4 times the same repeated .. This would be an indirect way to dream numbers.

For the 2 forms you explain the meanings then are equally valid.

  • Zero (0): how to know, zero means nothing. Normally this is a recurring dream when someone feels he can have a void in your life, you need something to be completely happy. It also refers to intangible things, how infinity or eternity.
  • One (1): is a number that refers to yourself, your self esteem, your confidence, your pride. Everything that involves you directly.
  • Two (2) will depend on what else appears in the dream. It can symbolize a feeling twice, which can be positive or negative. For example, twice the force. Also often refers to relationships.
  • Three (3) usually is past, present and future. Still, it can be associated with other things how life in general, self creativity, imagination, etc.
  • Four (4): how can you just assume is associated with the four elements (water, air, earth and fire) so it usually refers to all this material earth.
  • Five (5) is the number of senses we have. Someone who dreams of number 5 is more responsive, more sensitive. It also refers to how certain psychological qualities intelligence or audacity.
  • Six (6): this is harmony, you are in a moment of inner balance. You may have surfaced over your family flair.
  • Seven (7) is the number of deadly sins, but usually has no relationship with any of them. You feel self-realized inside and show it by this dream. It also refers to art, to music.
  • Eight (8): professional success is within your reach. You can significantly increase your wealth. Number 8 with the fact achieve your career goals is associated. You’ll be lucky in your projects.
  • Nine (9) has two very different meanings. On the one hand, can be associated with a long and prosperous life, and on the other with an increase in productivity due to better morale.
  • Ten (10): law, justice. 10 were the commandments, which is usually associated with the fact act according to the rules.
  • Thirteen (13) can refer both to death how to birth, the ying and the yang. 13 also symbolizes change, whether good or bad will depend on what accompanies the number.
  • One hundred (100) is the number of perfection. A big dream, no doubt. All accompanying this number will work.
  • 666 is the number of the devil. Either you or someone you know is doing something wrong and have remorse for it.

Many different numbers in your dreams, that would make this list may appear endless.

If you’ve dreamed of a particular number and you want to tell us in detail what happened with him, leave a comment.