Dreaming of yourself naked (usually in front of a lot of people) is one of the most recurrent in the world. Instead, its meaning is very different depending on exactly what happens during it, so it is important to study it carefully.

The fact that I’m dreaming naked fear means I have to show my emotions or feelings in public. If this is your case, then you have somehow, fear of criticism or ridicule. You feel vulnerable and that disturbs you. It is a dream created by your subconscious which reflects that fear very graphically. You may have some exposure soon or you have to declare, or open up to someone in some way.

If you dream of several naked people but you find your dress is interpreted in two ways:

You may be hiding something about these people (not a good thing what would be proud).
It is your way of recognizing that you are being overly critical of the work of others but not your own.
If someone close to you appears completely naked in your dream and it bothers you, it means you’ve discovered that some facet that you do not like anyone in particular. But if you like to see this person without clothes, it means that you’ve known you like, it’s not something that you consider negative. In some cases (a minority) you dream about a nude that leaves you indifferent, you do not care. This is a way of berating yourself you must learn to accept the negative rejections.

If you’re a girl and you are naked in your dream and at the same time, you try to cover your body with whatever you find, it’s the way you create one fictional protective cover somehow your lack of self-esteem to some situation in your real life .

Have you dreamed of someone (or yourself) naked and you’d have an interpretation? Explain to sleep with all the details you can to help us decipher.