When you are thinking about nails, the first thing that comes to mind is the fight, protection, and self-defense. Still, this is often not the primary meaning of this dream. Besides the position in which you find both your how your hands (if they are yours), other factors of great importance for the correct interpretation.
Nail care (if they are neglected or if they are well treated)
If you are (or no) longer than normal
Its color (white, yellow, black, red ..)
Are false?
You are those nails to your gender and age?
The wearing dentures or false nails, for example, may mean that you are not being as honest as you should. But possibly you have not lied, you have not told the whole truth. They eventually discover yourself.
If you’re a man and you dream that you have nails painted red, is a clear allusion to your subconscious your inner feminine and emotional. You are the feelings to the surface. Everything affects you.
If you find yourself with another person and suddenly start growing your nails, it means that, somehow, you want to expand your relationship with him or her gain more confidence.

Biting your nails in a dream is a symptom of acute unease. Have a very worrying problem and still not know you should do to fix it.

Sneak filing nails is synonymous with luxury, glamor. It is possible that an important event or approaching you find yourself one step higher in society.

Have you ever had a dream in which they appear nails and still do not know what it means? Leave a comment explaining what happened in your sleep with all the details you can and we’ll help!