We normally associate monsters to danger, to something bad. One of the clearest reasons why someone may have dreams of monsters appear is something to fear in real life that your mind is in dreams as these beings.

If you dream of monsters attacking your family or friends is possibly because in real life you fear that something bad will happen to them. Not a premonitory dream, simply exemplifies a fear you have.

At other times refers to a behavior, typically dreamy. Misbehavior that you had been able to harm a loved one, and in your dream you see how a monster attacking this person.

Two other possibilities of meaning of this dream (although less common) is when the monster in question refers to an exaggeration or something that is gone out of hand.

The most common monsters in dreams are, apart from the shape invented directly by the dream, zombies and vampires. According to the monster in question the meaning of sleep can vary considerably. For example, zombies tend to represent situations in life that have lost their vitality. It may be a relationship, or a job that you go completely involuntarily. Instead, vampires, almost always symbolize or an addiction, or a desire to change some important aspect of your life.

Generally, the feature that highlights that monster in question on the other, is an exaggerated representation of what really symbolizes.

It is more common than it acts on the skin subconscious monster and during sleep you for some advice you’ll find application in real life. It’s a matter of being attentive.

If you’ve dreamed lately with monsters and want to know exactly what it means, tell us the dream in detail by leaving a comment and help you decipher;)