This is an increasingly common dream, though it affects all ages, it is increasingly a recurring theme among young people. Generally money represents confidence, self-esteem, success (in many areas), or values. Often refers to that success is within reach of the dreamer. Have a lot of faith in yourself and know that you are able to achieve your goals. You know when disturbed make it.

Dreams involving money are not always positive. A clear example of this is dreaming to lose money. It would be the opposite of what explained above. If you dream that, for some reason, you lose the money usually refers to a lack of confidence, self-esteem, or even ambition to get more of what you already have.

If in the dream you are giving someone money or spending it on someone, it means that somehow love that person. Remember that in dreams does not have the person you really mean, that may be someone to remind you or in any way associate that person. Appear

If you dream that you have no money you do not have the means necessary to achieve the goal that you had raised skills.

Maybe in your dream someone deliver a larger amount of money you expect to receive. This is an indication that you have self-esteem through the roof. The opposite happens if you get less money, which would mean that you infravaloras.

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