This is one of those dreams that leave no one indifferent. Is it good? Bad? ¿Premonitory? Because as almost always in dream interpretation, everything depends on the details.

If you dream only a mirror image in your own reflection appears, it is the way for your subconscious to represent or how you see yourself, or how you think others see you. You know yourself which one senses is to your particular case only read these lines.

If the bathroom mirror fogged with steam appears in your dream it is a sign that you do not know very well what is your path in life. You’re confused, you need aclararte before making a hasty decision that could hurt you. While studying all possibilities before deciding.

If someone is watching you from the other side of the mirror it means someone is criticizing you, talking bad about you behind your back. It is also typical when the dreamer feels that someone can keep track of your steps, you feel secure. Although not as common, the dreamer may have some thoughts repressed for some reason does not dare to show others. The mirror is your desire to make them known, for fear that it can give you.

If you break a mirror in which you looked reflected in your sleep, it means you’ve decided to change some important aspect of your life. There is also the urban legend that brings bad luck (seven years) but you should not give importance. If the mirror was already broken when I’ve seen, it’s because something costs you accept about yourself, something you wish to change or avoid.

It is also very recurrent dream that you can see through the mirror. So you see is associated with a problem that is approaching and you can not avoid. It tries to find out what it is to be prepared everything you can to stand up.

Have you dreamed with mirrors and want to know what it means? Tell us your dream with everything you think will be important to help in their interpretation.