We call lucid dreams those where we can manipulate the dream as we want because we know that we are dreaming. On this page, we will collect all the necessary information for you to get your own lucid dreams and dream experience and get a 100% satisfactory.

Before you start preparing for lucid dreaming, you should know that this is a rather slow process, which in some cases could take months, or even years.

Different states of lucid dream, or steps in lucid dreaming, which could be divided into:

  • State pre-lucid
  • State low lucidity
  • State high clarity
  • State of absolute lucidity

The first thing you have to think, is start preparing yourself to achieve your goal in a stage of your life smoothly. The fewer complications have the best head. You must be very patient if you do not want to end up surrendering before the count.

There are several “tricks” to help you achieve the dream state of total clarity:
There are also more complex methods to ensure the dream lucidity. There are different techniques that will help to induce a lucid dream. It may be more difficult to master than the previous advice, but certainly are more effective once controlled:

  • Method DILD (Dream Induced Lucid Dreams) is to induce lucid dreaming directly from a dream. At bedtime you must remember thinking to intervene in the dream. To do this you need to enhance your memory sleep states. A good way is to read a list before bed, and try to remember only depertarte. With this method, once mastered, it is possible to have even more of a lucid dream per night.
  • Autosuggestion: you have to convince yourself what are you going to have a lucid dream that night. The effectiveness of this method is proven scientifically. You must repeat to yourself “tonight I will have a lucid dream” how many times necessary until assume that it will.
  • Waking up at midnight and re-bed. It can be very useful if supplemented with some of the best known techniques. It has the disadvantage of breaking the sleep cycle, which is not particularly recommended.
  • External stimulation: it has been proven that it is possible that someone else from the outside, or by using a device that is sold with this order will help induce lucid dreaming. Such devices are called “REM Dreamer”.
  • Method WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dreams) is to be aware at all times while the dream is reconciled. Know that you are sleeping at all times. It is difficult to achieve and requires practice, but certainly it is one of the methods brings better results.
  • Method MILD (Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dreams) means bed thinking you want to remember what you dream. This method can be very good complement to the art of waking up at midnight. So, to become a bed, you remember what you were dreaming to continue where you left off.

How to tell if you are in the midle of a lucid dream?

The easiest method to find out is called Reality Testing. It’s that doing in the dream, can distinguish the real life of it and realize that you are in the midst of a lucid dream. Quite often, until you do not wake really have doubts about whether you’re dreaming or not. By reality check, you’ll find your real situation.

  • Jump: jumping in the dream, you will fall floating, as if missing gravity. It is a sure sign that you’re in the middle of a dream.
  • Look at the clock: it is quite common in dreams watches you mark an impossible time. For example, by 3 or 4 hands, or a single, or no numbers at times … may your dream come correct time, so it is not a test to discard 100% reliable displayed.
  • Look at your hands: in a dream you may have more (or less) fingers of the mind that are of a different color, or even that you can go through with the other.